Thursday, June 26, 2008

Walmart, not a good idea

The other Walmart is getting rid of there fabric section so i have Ben take me to get some good deals. There wasn't much left when i was there but i got a couple things and we got the kids summer shoes. By the the end of the shopping spree i was getting tired so i wait on Ben. Afterward we drop Thomas at his local mission thing and i hadn't ate all day so i suggest some Mexican. I'll get Matthew his favorite and split it with him. It was good and i def needed food. After that we swing by Ashley's and visit. I was oh so tired by then. we get home at 7 and i get my ice pack and slept till 11. Everyone was in bed by then so i redo my icepack and go back to bed until now. 4 hours of out and about wiped me out, lol.


Ashley Hester said...

Take it easy girl, if you need anything let me know

MamaBear said...

Oh, tell you you don't mean the Joyce Street Wal-Mart. I nearly had a panic attack when the Sixth Street Wal-Mart did away with their craft department. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??? Doesn't anybody (besides us) do crafty anymore??

♥Lisa♥ said...

yep, that one.

MamaBear said...

NO WAY! On the map inside the store of what the new store will look like after the remodel, it shows a sewing/craft dept. Where did you get your info? I thought they were looking a little sparse back there a few weeks ago, but the fabric lady insisted that they were not going anywhere.


♥Lisa♥ said...

we went back today to see if they marked it down anymore and the fabric along the wall was gone. That hadnt been marked down at all so i asked where it went and she said they shipped it to Mt Home. The rest of the fabric will be marked down an addition 40% on Sunday. So she told me to come back on sunday.
there isnt a lot to choose from but there are some things i need.