Friday, June 16, 2006

Bens Ghosts

I doubt any of you know that Ben sees ghosts. He actually sees them alot. Well, we were just mentioning it's been a while since he has seen any. *jinx* so he sees one tonight. I was looking up Mr noodle on the internet and he says "we just had a visitor" i looked at him and he pointed into the livingroom. I said oh, really (no big deal, it's about time right?) well ben says he's there again. the next thing i see Ben doing is holding his hand in a way to block his own veiw from the living room. I said what are you doing? He says well it making me sick to see him. I guess they were both kinda *peeking* in on each other. lol. I told Ben to tell it to go away, to leave. It doesnt know any better. I guess he didnt want to talk to it. But it's gone. There was no need for me to get up and look, because i wasn't going to beable to see it. One time i was walking behind Ben into the living room Ben shouts did you see that? and had goose bumps and hair on end, an orb had come straight at him and i totally didnt see it. Once he saw a littel girl in our room. there has been alot more stuff here, but he also saw stuff in Ca. Maybe one day I'll post most of his sightings.

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Anonymous said...

Ok that is totally freaky! ~Doni