Thursday, June 01, 2006

Breast ultrasound

I had my breast ultra sound today. Let me just say it was amazing to see the inside of my breast on ultrasound. After the tech did the ultrasound she went and showed the pictures to the radiologist and said that he'd probably come in and he did. he went over the areas that i had told him that were bothering me and it turns out that the pain in my axillary is a lymphnode, But the lymphnode measures and looks very normal. and there is nothing that shows a reason for the breast pain and he had said that 99% of the time there is no known reason for breast pain and that if he had a dollar everytime he had a patient with unexplained breast pain that he'd be living at the fishing hole. He's says the next step is up to my Dr but that he would just recommend having follow ups on the lymphnode to make sure it doesnt inlarge and if it does then to do a biopsy, but he says nothing looks alarming or like any cancer. So good news all around. The tech did say that horomones can cause breast pain. So going from one pg to breast feeding to another pg and breast feeding to another pg (and will breast feed) and no break in between, i imagine that could be behind some of this. I F/U with my Dr on the 5th

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