Saturday, February 24, 2007


On Thursday I'm Scheduled for a breast ultrasound and mammogram. I'm scheduled for both but will only get the mammo if they need to. I guess if they see something with the ultz (or don't see something). I've had pain in my left Axillary for a yr now and they did an ultz back in june which showed the pain is being caused by a lymphnode, though it measured normal and not enlarged or anything. I would really like to have it biopsied just to know what is going on with it but we'll see what they decide. I left the orders in the car but they checked the diagnostic mammo with work up (not the screening mammo) hope that doesnt mean squish the boobs even flatter, lol. Boy, i really hope they skip the mammo because with the breast milk they are tender enough. They said to nurse before i go in, but Abigail hardly ever emptys my breast let alone both. Bens a little freaked out, but i keep telling him not to worry. I'll let you know what i find out on Thursday.

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