Friday, January 18, 2008


for Abigail. We went out to Outback Steak House with Ashley, Jason and Lily and then went to the mall to get the girls ears peirced. Abbie was SCREAMING right off the bat. So we tried to get the marks on the lobes and they were so off and thats as far as we got. Now i must say the girl doing it was super slow.

Abbie was already crying and we just got there

here she was cleanig her ears

Now trying to put the marks on

Now here is sweet, patient & calm Lily :)

Not bothered by any of it

She was such a trooper

and didnt cry until AFTER they where done

Her earings are adorable

Now when we leaving the mall they guys were walking ahead of us and Ben had Abigail and she was looking over his shoulder. Ashley and i were talking about her about getting the ears peirced and she smile a wicked smile!! let me tell you i now believe she knew what was going to happen and threw a fit because of it and then smiled about it!!!!!!!!!


Ashley Hester said...

yes she did! She's smarter than we gave her credit for! :)

Auntie Tina said...

MY BABY! Auntie would have never taken her. heheh! i love the pic of you holding her. maybe in her sleep?!