Friday, January 04, 2008

2 years ago today

Betty Jo Velasco

The last pictures we have of her.

The last day i saw her was Dec 26th 2005. We left her house and i really didnt want to go. We were having such a good visit. We waved going down the drive and then waved go down the road. Cody did get to talk to her on the phone. She wanted to tell him that she got him the PSP handheld. She never got to give it to him, but he did get it.


Betty was killed in a car crash. A solo vehical crash that she was the passenger. The driver survived.

It feels like forever ago that i got the call from Ben, but then i look over to were i was sitting at the time and it is as clear as yesterday. 2 yrs later and its still not easier.

Whittier daily news
i have never googled betty and not sure why i did tonight but i was surprised that i had a hit.

here is yr #1


alisha said...

oh my goodness, I'm sorry for ya'lls loss. :`( many hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's been 2 years. I remember that day so well.She was wonderful!

Ashley Hester said...

What a hard day this must be for ben and the WHOLE family. Sending prayers your way Lisa! If only everyone could have a DIL like you................. <3 :)

Lisa said...

omgosh, if i can be as good MIL as she was. thats what i hope. i hope my DIL's will enjoy me. same for my SIL's thats if ben lets the girls get married. shoot they'll be so stressed by ben that they'll think im just super, lol