Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beau update

He has ear mites!!!! DUH! ok, none of my animals have had that before. So that means he's had them since i got him. Thats a long time. I had made him a vet appt (i was right my vet doesnt see small animals. i said, oh hes not small, he's 18#s, lol) anyway she asked the doc and he said he'd see him. Then........ ashley calls me with the hookup. She has a bunnypro friend and knew exactly what was wrong with Beau and mites Def make more sense to me than an ear inf.
let me say, Grody to the Max!!!!!!!!!!


alisha said...

I'm glad your bunny is getting his ear mite problem taken care of!! Poor bunny! You're a good mama!

Ashley Hester said...

You should check your cats and dogs ears too. My friend says the cats are usually cariers.. couldn't remember if you had an inside cat or not?