Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sammie update

She is in surgery for her tooth that was cracked. The vet is thinking more along the lines that a horse kicked her even though there isn't a hoof mark, more than a car hitting her. I think, he's thinking she would have had more injury with a car than just her nose, eye, mouth area. Maybe to much of a confined area. The guy next to us has the property just for his horses and the property of ours that we dont use we let him run his horses on there too. He hays the field and fixes the fences so for us its a good trade though people here rent out there land and still get the haying and fence mending included we dont see the need to charge, ya know. So Sammie very well could have pissed a horse off. I've never seen her mess with them, but there is always a first.
She'll be getting spayed today too. Since it's icing now she'll be staying the night at the vets again. Which is good. I'm sure they are spoiling her. I think I might update her boosters and rabies while shes there even though she's not due till May. Get her done in one swoop.

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