Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let the weaning begin!!!

Ben is taking Abbie tonight. They are sleeping in Cody's room. I gave Abbie a kiss and handed Ben a bottle and off they went. I hope it goes smooth. Last night she actually slept all night BUT i couldn't get her down until 2:10am, so does it really count. I'm guessing no.
well that was short lived, they are out of the room.
oh, he just totally irritated me, i hope shes up all night.


Nicole said...

Good luck, that is such a hard process!!!

Ashley Hester said...

So...what happened? Did you end up nursing her?

♥Lisa♥ said...

oh, he said i need to go to bed because she didnt like the room so he could rock her in the living room. so i sat in my room for an hour. the tv doesnt work in there. i had so much i still needed to do in the house so i end up thinking well i'll do it when i get up......... fastforwad to morning. i get the kids on the bus and him and abbie are sleeping in the recliner. i still couldnt do what i needed to do cause it would wake them!!!!! i have put a load in to wash and kinda cleaned the kitchen it didnt get cleaned last night. i need to start my work but its noisy typing that fast, bahhhhh. i dont know how she did because they are still sleeping.

♥Lisa♥ said...

ok, he apologized for being an ass last night. his own words.

Ashley Hester said...

LOL :) Glad he apologized.