Thursday, January 31, 2008

2nd grade program

Right after i dropped Sammie off at the vets we had to go to Codes program. It was actually GREAT! i enjoyed it. It was an hour long. That was a 1/2 hour to long for Matthew and Abigail. (trust me)..... It was about the solar system, outer space and the space program. Which i believe deserves a lot of attention. So kudos to my kids school. It started off with a video and i thought hmm that looks like the Challenger take off (thinking please don't be, please don't be, PULEEEZE, mm-k) well it was. As I'm blinking back tears (as if my day wasn't emotional enough)my little girl asks why is everything falling down??? I told her I'll tell her about it when we get home. I will tell her especially since she was so interested because sadly when shes like 12 she may not give much of a hoot what the Challenger meant.

Little Miss Independant!!!!!!!!!!

Im not kidding. I was NOT aloud to touch her. Can you imagine her falling on that floor. Yeah, that last 1/2 hour was F-U-N

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auntie Tina said...

That would have been an hour to long for me! Abbie looked cute in her pinks shoes...