Sunday, July 20, 2008

For Kim and anyone else who wants to know :)

Pillowcase dress and all the other patterns i use. They all come from the same person. She is on eBay. She is super cheap!!!! and everything that i have made is easy.
I do the elastic different than she does. I measure the top of the finished dress. Cut a piece of elastic that length. cut that piece in half. cut 4 strips of ribbon and sew one strip to each end. run one ribbon/elastic strip through each casing then sew them so you only see the ribbon coming out, not the elastic. About an inch in and it gives you the perfect gather all the way across. Kaitlens 4th of July dress is the first i did it with and i like it. dont use frey check on the ribbon. take a lighter to the edge you cut and it seals it really good. Both Ashley and I have had the frey check not work and ribbon come undone in the wash.