Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Old LASD paystub

I ran across one of Bens old LASD paycheck stubs. I was looking at it and it was about 2 weeks before we moved out her. So i compared his two week LASD check to his one month pay here. 5 years ago Ben made 1684.62 more in 2 weeks than he does a whole month here :(. that's 5 yrs ago PLUS he's a Sgt now. I won't even tell you what a 12 yr Deputy makes out in LA now. (He still talks to peeps out there) and of course a Sgt would make even more. I know, I know. Your thinking, houses, gas, food.... We bought our house out there before the crazy sky high prices. Things are a lot closer there. 5 minute walk to school, groceries etc.
Police Officers need to get paid better here!!!!! that's all i have to say. Gawllllll, i probably should have never found that paystub.
I love Ar, love my friends!!! love my house, love the kids school, love their Sunday school teachers, love my old pastor (we just got a new one and im trying to warm up to the change, really i am. He just has a totally different personality. Not as lively.) I love their school teachers ( i believe half of the school goes to our church, lol) it's just hard sometimes to see those number differences cause we sure could use that other money, lol.


auntie Tina said...

You mean, your house in AR didn't come with a money tree in the back yard??? :)

♥Lisa♥ said...

If it did a cow probably ate it like the day before we got here.