Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Branson 08 part 1- face painting

I'm going to do vacation pics a little at a time since there are a ton. Here we went down to the Branson landing and Sugar the Clown was doing face paintings.
Kaitlen was a peacock Code, a skull something
machew, a dragon
Thomas didn't want one so he picked out a ring from Hot Topic. I was going to have her do one on Abigail while she was asleep but some stupid server for a restaurant across the way came out and rang a really loud bell and announced something about their food. So that ruined that idea because Abbie wasn't going to let Sugar anywhere near her awake. >:/
After thet Landing we went to dinner at Shorty Smalls. I had to give Thomas some of my food there was to much. Matthew and Kaitlen ate some of mine too. Surprisingly Matthew liked the coleslaw.

There onion loaf is super yummy. Better than Outbacks bloomin onion.
Abigail enjoying her onion loaf!!


auntie Tina said...

The faces are really good. I want the onion loaf!! Yummmmm

Ashley Hester said...