Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday

Its still Friday so i can say that. With me talking about Halloween and costumes i wanted to look this one up. This was at Betty's house Oct 05. Our last Halloween with her. Ben had the flu and didn't get to do much but we took the kids to a pumpkin patch.
update on costumes................ Kaitlen wants to be a princess, possible Cinderella.......... i have an idea but like i said she doesnt like my handmade stuff.

Cody, thought the shark costume was cool and even suggested he have a scuba mask on, but wants to be a zombie.............

Matthew wants to be a vampire...............
This Cody our first year back here. So i do have a vampire costume somewhere. Cody made a great vampire because he had long hair and a natural widows peak.with gel in his hair it made it dark and to keep it slicked back untill it dried i put a knit cap on his head. :) now matthew has no hair and its blondish.

I was on eBay tonite (ok, when am i not??) and saw this!!! Ka-ute!! huh? Little miss Abigail is going to be this!! with the help of Ashley.......... you in Ashley?? Since it will be cold here in Oct she'll have a leotard on and probably sweatpants :)

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