Thursday, July 03, 2008

Two Sleeps till my party!!!

Matthew is so flippin adorable!!! He is so excited for his birthday. He's loving that its all about him and for him.
We did ALL our shopping today. Here's how it went. I got up and took the kitty cats for their shots and came back home to get everyone else. So we head out to get our tire fixed........ not fixable...... don't have our tire...... We then go meet Ashley and Lily for lunch for yummy mexican food. We now head over to walmart to get party supplies and gifts. The first walmart we went to didn't have enough of what we needed but they had razorback clothing for really cheap and all the kids got something to wear for Sat and then we headed to get our oil changed. That was fast thankfully. We go to another tire shop... no luck. I then go to Hobby Lobby for a couple things and while i do that Ben goes to another tire shop.... no luck. So we swing around over to Hancocks and i get 4th of July fabric for the girls dresses and some cute police material for later. I am pretty sure this is when we head over to the other Walmart (Hello Sheryl and kiddos. We ran into them at the door). They have the Razorback stuff we needed so we get that and head over to the toys and pick out the stuff Matthew has asked for and started heading to the food section when i see 3$ clearance racks all over and i grab 30$ worth of school clothes while Ben gets the food and we head out to Party City because its a razorback baseball theme party so we needed baseball stuff. We get a pinata, banners, goody bag stuff. You can't go to walmart without going to Sams club.......... we get meat and candy and realize its dinner time so we eat pizza at Sams. We almost forgot to return some clothes i bought and decided i didn't want and we hurried over there before they closed. Then it was the part the kids had all been waiting for, Buying fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so we pile out of the car and go in. An officer from Bens PD was there with his wife and kids. We stayed there shopping for fireworks and talking for almost an hour (yes, we ended up with alot of fireworks). The kids had a blast. Kaitlen has a new friend. We go home.............yea. Then i make two dress and now her i sit.


alisha said...

wow, what a busy day!!!!! sounds like for the most part ya'll had a good day! :) Happy Fourth of July!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo.... barbeque time, gonna be having that later!!!!!!!! LOL

Kim said...

Sounds like you had a busy day! Can't wait to see pictures of the girls dresses and the party. Have a safe and Happy 4th.

MamaBear said...

Dang, you had a BUSY day! I would have loved to have stopped and talked but you had that "woman on a mission" look written all across your face, ha! The party looks like it was a real success. Can't believe your baby boy is already FOUR. Happy birthday, Matthew!

MamaBear said...

Forgot to mention how absolutely adorable the girls dresses are ... you are so creative!!

♥Lisa♥ said...

Did it show that much that we were on a mission, lol!!!!
I loved seeing the kids. they are so beautiful. and ACK!! they grew up.

Thanks about the dresses. I love doing them. Truth be told Kaitlen doesnt really like them, LOL. Abbie doesnt mind but K will take them off as soon as she gets the chance. But i keep making them. now she did like the Christmas dress.