Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Deaf Dogs

Ben got a call from a friend saying there were two puppies that needed a home asap. The owners couldn't keep them at their home. He said ok. At some point he was told that the boy was deaf and we felt so bad for it and still said ok (the boy was actually sold but the buyer returned it when the vet told him he was deaf) So Ben goes and gets the two dogs. he gets home around 9:30pm and we feed, water and bathe them and then play play play. Around midnight i tell Ben that i think the girl is deaf too. She was playing it off pretty good but then i realized she wasn't responding to our voice it was all the action going on in the house and the new excitement she was responding too.
So come meet Casper, the boy. (blue collar)

and Wendy, the girl. (red collar)
They appear to be purebred pit and probably inbred.
online i found a collar that vibrates to get your dogs attention. Since you can't yell HEY, STOP, GET BACK HERE. you can train them that the vibration means they are to come to you. then hand signals for everything else.
I read online that deaf dogs don't have names because they cant hear them. How sad :(


Ashley Hester said...

poor swaze has competition now :(

♥Lisa♥ said...

he's right in the mix. too cute.

Kim said...


alisha said...

why would someone not want a dog just because its deaf? So you have to do things a little different, they still need love too... I hate people that are so stupid like that!!

I'm so glad they are with ya'll, I know they are getting all the love and care they could ever possibly get! They are beautiful too btw! :)