Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Branson 08 part 7- outlet shopping

While we were on vacation we got the kids their school clothes. We got Cody's from Nautica and Oshkosh. The shirts there are the ones from walmart (all 3$, yea) he has worn his nautica shirt. It's his favorite. It's a yellow and blue long sleeve and he had wanted the matching ball cap for $14. I told him he could have the hat but he'd have to wear it every day. He said he didn't want it. Cody was on a red shoe kick and found a pair of Nike's that he loved. He's a size 6.5! Yikes.
Cody will be using his backpack from last yr and adding more Shark patches to it.
Thomas found all his stuff at Nautica, Old Navy and Levi. Levi had a great sale on tshirts. He still needs socks and boxers. Why are boxers so expensive??
Thomas will also be using last yrs backpack because it looks brand new and was a lot of money

Miss Kaitlen. They had such cute stuff at Nautica for her but it seemed if we found cute bottoms they would be out in her size in the top and vice versa. To our surprise she is a size 8. She's not fat but is so tall and a little to curvy for 5 years old. We got her some stuff at Disney and Oshkosh too. Plus the walmart shirts we got her for 3$ too. Ashley is going to make her matching bows for her clothes. She's going to be so cute. At Oshkosh Ben wanted to pick out an outfit for Kaitlen. The brown and flower one in the top back left corner is the one. It is super cute. He even got the matching headband. He spent 45$ on one outfit. When he was done he looked at me and asked how i did it. When i was getting their clothes I'd have a pile of clothes for 45$ not one little outfit.

With the exception of socks, they are all ready for school. These clothes should also still fit them when spring rolls around next yr. We got their winter clothes back at the beginning of summer when Old Navy was having that mega sale which should be going on pretty soon again.

Matthew and Abigail didn't go empty handed. They both got a new pair of Nikes and Matthew just had to have a Nautica sweatshirt. His wasn't on sale. :/

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