Friday, February 15, 2008

Gymnastics meet

We went to the Gymbacks gymnastics meet tonight. the kids enjoyed it. Cody really liked it. Kaitlen was in awe with what the girls could do. So was thomas actually, lol.
Here is the hog head before the lights went out and then in all its glory!!!!!!!

Matthew is a huge Razorback fan and this is his first event he has gone too.

looks like Matthew wouldnt go see the Razorback

then he does and I get a pic of them. Im actually pretty far away from them

The kids kept wanting to go by daddy. First matthew then kaitlen and then when Cody wanted too I decided it was time to go home. The first Officer is Mahan, a real nice guy. Then Thomas and behind Thomas is Ben.

I made chicken and dumplings for dinner so I took some for Ben and Gabe but Ben said he would eat it when he got home. Gabe was happy and surprised to get his.

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auntie Tina said...

Matthew looks soooo cute!