Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pics of Ben

When i was cleaning out my desk i found an envelope with pics and i have no idea how they got there. After a while i realized these were ones Betty had and we got them after she died.

Ben with his brother Matt
Ben ready for football
Ben not happy getting his pic taken

This is in Santa Barbara at his grandparents house

Ben and his Dad, Bill was always involved in there sports.

Gabe and Ben, Yes it says Razorbacks :) Even though it LaMirada colors.

Academy pics, Ben always willing to take a pic.

They are standing in front of the wall at the STAR center that lists all the fallen Deputy's names.
Some training of some sort.

Bill, Ben and Betty at his graduation.

Sheriff Block and Ben

Betty, Cody and Ben Christmas 99

Ben and Cody, that was at Christmas time too.

Ben and I at Knotts Berry farm. It was flippin hot that day.

Summer 97


Anonymous said...

Brought back a lot of memories

auntie Tina said...

Those were cute pics.. the last pic of you two.I remember those

♥Lisa♥ said...

I luv, luv, LUV'D those shorts.

Patty said...

Oh those are precious! What memories for you all. I can't believe how much Matthew looks like Ben in those baby pictures!