Saturday, February 16, 2008

Julians Mama posted this today


I carried you for nine months,
Gave birth to you one day,
One of the best days ever.
You were beautiful…

You slept on my chest ,
Listening to my heart beat,
I nursed you ,
your eyes looking up at me,

I saw your first smile,
And discovered your dimples,
And when brothers were silly ,
You were full of giggles…

I rocked you at night,
Walked the floor for hours,
When you had an earache.
Singing “oh holy night” softly.

You took your first steps,
Said your first words ,
For the world to hear ,
The King had spoken !

You were our sunshine,
And always will be,
You made me smile ,
You always smiled back at me…

I rocked you for no reason,
I held you close .
Do you remember ?
Do you?

Life went on day by day,
You became a big brother,
You made William giggle,
And you laughed back at him.

You weren’t the baby anymore,
But I kept on rocking you.
And you would fall asleep on me,
I would just stay still for a little while…

Then you got sick,
A mouse did it , you ‘d say.
IV’s, Needles, surgery , port,
Words you should have never heard.

But you still wanted me to rock you.
You still wanted me to hold you
I couldn’t take cancer away, baby,
And for that I am forever sorry…

Now you are in Heaven,
Is it beautiful up there?
Do you talk to Jesus,
And do you see God?

I miss you in my arms,
I miss hearing you say “ Mama”
But tell me something Pun’kin
Who rocks babies in Heaven…

Love you lil man , more than ever…

Mama ( 2-16-08 )

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