Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Abbie and I

Are going to my moms house!! We leave tomorrow afternoon. Im excited to see my mom, im terrified of the flight. Ben and figured it was just cheaper and easier to fly me and Abbie out there than to drive all of us there. This is my first time away from my babies like this. while im gone Ben will take them fishing, swimming and other fun stuff that will add extra worry to me ;o). Ben is very overprotective so i really dont need to worry. i will be gone a week. my mom is so excited she has been counting down the days.

my mom is not doing so good. shes been on chemo since the first week of April and is so sick. At one point she was loosing about a pound a day(in the begining we actually had her gaining weight). Its not as bad now but still loosing. so they are going to give her 2 more treatments and stop the chemo and do a CT every 3 months after. i know when it comes back she'll opt not to do chemo again. on her worst week of sickness she even said that she now knows why people refuse chemo. I've already started crying about leaving my mom and i havent even got there yet.
I'll update when i get back.


Ashley Hester said...

enjoy your visit! Don't let abbie grow anymore while you're gone! :)

Sheryl said...

I am so sorry ... the pain of saying goodbye to those we love (especially our mom) is heartbreaking. Keep us updated when you can.

Sheryl said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! Does this mean you are back home now?? Updates, please!!