Friday, July 20, 2007

Fishing trip

While i was at my moms Ben took the kids on a fishing trip on the white river.


Sheryl said...

Tell that man of yours that I am BEYOND IMPRESSED tha he not only took four kids on a fishing trip (okay, three, I know Thomas is hardly a kid!) but he TOOK PICTURES!!! LOTS OF THEM!!! If my husban took our crew on an outing like that, the only thing on his mind would be food! LOL!

Glad you're back.

Sheryl said...

Forgive all the typos above ... the combination of too little sleep and a keyboard that's had too much Diet Coke spilled near it is just not a good mix.

Lisa said...

I feel ya on the typos.

I must say Ben did do a good job. They went nonstop for 3 days. I even surprised him with a new watch for it!!

Its so crazy, thomas is 15 1/2. I should start plannig what im going to do with his room once he turns 18!!, LOL.. j/k