Friday, July 20, 2007

Update on my mom

I know i didnt update when I posted pics. i didnt really have the time.......... With all things considered she is doing pretty good. Monday will be her last chemo. She will then follow up with CT scans every 3 months. The Dr will also follow her inbetween the scans. Im guessing bloodwork and such. As soon as she feels better and is stronger and less tired she'll come visit out here and with all my other sibs.

I dont quit understand why he wants to do the scans. Shes not going to do chemo again and so there really is no need to know if the cancer is coming back. Im sure my mom will know when the cancer has returned to the point of it affecting here and then we go on hospice.

You know what is really helping my mom?? Pot, yep Mary Jane. They make a pill and it wasnt doing much for her and one of the young guys from her work got her the real stuff and it is amazing!!! it stops her nausea and abdomial pain. It doesnt give her an appitite like its supose to but the fact it stops her abdominal pain it great, thats something her pain patch and pills couldnt do. ( im truly not a fan of people smoking dope, but the benifit i saw with my mom were amazing and i can see why there is an uproar to make marijauna legal for cancer patient) so, yes it was a little weird to see my mom smoke pot, but we joked about it!, lol

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