Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!!!!

We took the kids to Turpentine Creek and then headed up to Eureka springs to go to the Cresent Hotel Its supose to be haunted so we wanted to check it out. We couldn't stay the night because I had to catch up on work from being gone. So in Oct we'll go back up and stay the night and Ben and Thomas can got to the Eureka Screams haunted house.
Hurcules was waiting for dinne in his pool. He was very irritated too.

This is Brody, The King of the Jungle. He layed in his house all day and really enjoyed staring at Matthew. He was thinking one of two things 1- boy, he looks fun to play with or 2- He looks YUMMY.
Brody came out of his house at dinner time and paced around just waiting.
ALL the cats knew it was dinner time. The whole place came alive.

Jo playing with his toy

These Tigers are HUGE when standing up!!

here's Coco

The kids sitting in Coco the bears chair