Monday, September 25, 2006

Matthews Costume

Red Ranger Matthew. Everytime we got a Halloween costume catalog he'd have me tear out the power ranger page. it wasnt hard to figure out that he wanted to be a Power Ranger. He was so excited when the package came. He kept saying,"me,me,me". Kaitlen has two costumes a tinkerbell and a snow princess. Her auntie got her tink and last yr Betty got her the snow princess one. She never wore it last yr . So she'll wear one to the church get together and one out trick-or-treating. Cody is still not sure, something scary im guessing.
Edited: boy if you read this before i edited it you probably thought i was tipping the bottle. It made no sense, LOL. I wasnt drunk, just a bad, bad pounding headache.

Even Power Rangers take naps.