Thursday, December 28, 2006

Betty's Birthday

December 22 was Bettys birthday. We would normally have picked up a prime rib from our butcher and headed on down to her house so Ben could make her her birthday dinner. We would have got her a present that had something to do with Christmas. We had seen two things that she would have loved. This year we headed up to MT View to the cemetary to take flowers to her for her birthday. It doesnt get easier, I think it gets harder. Kaitlen kept saying,"I miss you Nana" she then hugged her headstone. (that hurts so bad as a mom to see your children hurt) Cody then put 5 marbles in front of the headstone. One for each child in our family and then him and kaitlen put little flowers down in front. they like to decorate it. Betty loved Christmas, loved poinsettias, love her grandkids and got such joy out of just watching them play. I wish my kids had gotten more time with her. I wish she had got to see Abigail. i wish Ben could of had the chance to tell her 'your granddaughter is here, and she is beautiful'
I'll finish later.......
I guess im done, It's just hard and we miss her so much.
Abigail turned 1 month on her Nana's birthday

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Anonymous said...

Betty was GREAT!!~~ T