Sunday, July 26, 2009

Childhood Cancer Awareness Walk in NWA

Hi Everyone, I am sending out this email to everyone in my email address book. I know some of you are my Ebay transaction emails, but for anyone that does not want to revieve any further updates on the walk just let me know. Thank you.
I am organizing a walk for childhood cancer awareness. I have started a website called and it'll give you more information. It's a dog walk at Prairie Grove battle field and the more dogs the better. September is Childhood cancer awareness month and the ribbon is a gold ribbon. Not many people know this and I want the word about pediatric cancer to get out there. I have attached a flier about the event. I am hoping to add more sponsors soon. The walk is Sept 12th and I know it gives us little time, but I know it can be done.
Thanks for your support and I really hope to see you at the walk.
Lisa Velasco

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