Friday, September 11, 2009


I called my mom crying, expecting her to make it all better. Moms can do that you know.

Went on the 13th to donate blood only to find out it was a 4 hour wait and Cody needed to eat dinner soon, so I had to go back a different day.

Remember thinking the hospitals are waiting for the injured, but no ambulances are showing up with them.

flier after flier of the missing loved ones. Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, and wives. Gone.

Hero's, so many hero's. Humans loving humans.



HopefulSap said...

it was a very sad day indeed... I sat stunned, watching the tv.

the days following no planes in the sky... eerie.

I wondered why this happened... it made no sense to me.

This day doesn't sadden me any longer, it makes me angry.

Purely angry... why? because innocent people, who were doing a selfless thing, or just going about their day... died needlessly, because of murderous sob's behind their puppet strings.

To me, its the day when it was obvious the america we thought we lived in.. had been taken from us, and our love of it used against us.

Today people are only sad it seems. I am angry too.

I love the country I was born in... the actual physical land, and its normal everyday people, who mostly have good hearts and love for others...

Today should not only be a day for mourning those lost, not just on that day, but people the world over lost everyday in events such as that, used as a power play. Today should mark so much more than that.

Patriot Day my ass. :(

So... no, I'm not a cold heartless bitch that hates this day cause of everyone boohooing about those lost... I agree its sad... but its so much more than those losses...

We lost a lot more than them that day.

I'm not trying to upset anyone... just speaking my mind... you asked on fb why... and I thought about it for a while trying to formulate my words so it hopefully made sense.

Not sure I accomplished that, but I tried.


♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

You did. I totally understand what you are saying! and agree. Your FB post was vague and could have went several different ways.

But I am still very sad about it, weepy sad. Maybe even overly weepy sad, IDK. I was angry, but that left a long time ago. I want the war over, the boys and girls home....

HopefulSap said...

I agree, and I'm glad you understand my pov! :)

I am glad you asked me why. I wanted someone to. :)