Tuesday, April 18, 2006

cut and color

I went last night to the Regis salon to get the gray out of my hair and the layers put back in. It was interesting how he did the layers. He would take a section of my hair, twist it and then hold the scissors at an angle and cut. After the color and the cut he put my hair in rollers an put me under the dryer. When he took the curlers out and fluffed and sprayed it, it looked very cute!!!!!! but all that is to much work for me so today it was the same ol' curly hair. Oh i forgot, he did the dark brown, but also surprised me by adding a highlight so were the sun hits it it would shine lighter. It turned out good.


Anonymous said...

I bet it looks great!!... Tina

Lisa said...

he did a great job. gotta love a gay hairdresser.