Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A hard day for Ben

Saturday was a tough day for Ben. He and his 3 brothers had to go clean out their moms house. It sold and they had to divide everything up between the 4 of them. Not only that but that would be the last time he'd walk in her house. He said her bottle of water was still beside her bed and one still in the living room next to her chair. Its where we've had our last two Christmas's and Thanksgivings. Where Ben made her her last two birthday dinners, Prime rib. Where the kids would take there bubble baths and eat Oreo cookies. Were little miss Kaitlen and mathew would jump off the coffee table with their Nana saying," get ready, get set, jump!" how many grandparents would let there grandkids do that. If it brought joy to the kids then it brought joy to her. The kids and i couldnt be there with him and i feel bad we werent there to support him. One of the things ben brought home was her bed with her bedding. we set it up in Codys room and it'll be Cody's bed. I was working and Ben brought the sheets over and had me smell them and they still smelled like her. Ben and Cody slept in the bed that night. we will have to wash the sheets and then we wont have that smell ever again. It was very comforting to smell that. ETA: I forgot about the iron that Ben also brought home. Back in Ca. i didnt have an iron to iron bens uniforms so i borrowed Betty's which was also her moms iron. I'm guessing she got after her mom passed. So i was always extra careful with it. Well, i never returned it to her untill we moved from Ca. to Ar. So when saw I had the iron back. I immediatly thought I got to call betty and tell her HA HA i got your iron again ....................................... let me just say that friggin sucked!!! i actually forgot she passed away. It wasnt the first time i had forgotten, but it's such a shock in that split second of realising it. Ben would call her several times a day and we always called her and told her when the kids did something funny or said something funny or after each dr's appt. It's hard to change your habits.


Baby Landon said...

Tell Ben I said that I am thinking of him. That post made me cry. Oh yeah Landon has his own blog. Of course mom and aunt stephanie are the ones adding to it right now. It is www.landonkirbyrichards.blogspot.com

Lisa said...

I just checked out Landons Blog, very cute. Betty would have loved to see him. she was happy to hear Tammy and Eddy were finally pregnant.