Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I thought the days of Ironing the good ol LASD uniform were over. (yes, i ironed Bens uniform and I did it very well) Cody cant wear his regular costume to school because it has a mask and a weapon so i pulled out one of the uniforms i had made way back in the day for Code and Thomas. Well Code is now wearing Thomas' LASD uniform. I dont iron Bens uniform here. Its impossible because of the fabric its made out of and the cleaners they use here TOTALLY suck at putting in the creases that I would love to iron them myself. They don't put the crease through the patch on the sleeve and they ARE SUPOSE TOO. It really drives me batty when i see it, I'm so not kidding. They actually crease the little bit of fabric below the patch but not the patch, BAAHHHH. It looks so much more professional.
So anyway, I got to iron in all 11 creases for the uniform. It still had them in i just needed to freshen them up, LOL Even the ones through the sleeve patches. So at his Halloween party Cody will be dressed better than his Daddy is at work because Mommy ironed it right!!!!!!!!

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