Monday, September 07, 2009

Our little Farm

Here are the animals we recently added to our family. Of course if you are on my FB you all ready know this.
This is Marie. Im hoping she gets pg in November and once she has baby we will have milk, cheese, yogurt...

This is Chivas (goat in spanish) he is Marie's husband to be ;)

Next, say hello to Dinner. Really, his name is dinner. He will be our turkey on Thanksgiving.

Here is one of our roosters hanging with Dinner. Remember the chicks we got. Only 2 of the Rhode Island Reds ended up being hens. The rest were roosters. This guy was a late bloomer, I had actually thought he was a hen because the other roosters were VERY obviously roosters, him... not so much. Surprisingly I did not name the chickens. The Bantams are doing good, small, not really what i needed. They are pretty, but I want hardy egg layers.



Krimmyk said...

Dinner is looking good! Hehehe! Love the names.

HopefulSap said...

love the goats... haha husband to be! lol