Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kaitlen update (Saturday)

(Sorry FB people you already know most of this)
She slept most of the day on Thurs, Wednesday really wore her out. So, Friday was her class party. (yay) She was so excited to go see her friends and the teachers.
Her party ran over the 1/2 hour it was suppose to be so I left her there and went to cody's class for his. After Cody's was over I went back and got sister. By the time we got home she was not walking again :( outings are officially a no-no while she has this.

Today wasn't a good day. She was in pain and her pain meds were making her vomit pretty bad. So I had Ben call the peds office to change her pain med. The meds she wanted to change them to she couldn't because it couldnt be called in over the phone it had to be a written Rx. So she is still on the Codeine, but they also added Zofran so she doesn't throw up. So finally this afternoon she got the Zofran dose and about an hour later she ate a couple bites of oatmeal and about 20 minutes after that I gave her a 1/4 does of pain meds and 30 minutes later the world was right. She didn't get sick, she actually ate dinner, and since her pain was under control she could walk. Such a relief that she is feeling better. Now I have to keep her from getting up and walking, lol. The Dr wants to see her in the office on Monday and recheck her kidneys and see how she is doing by then. It generally takes a week, but this Dr on the phone said it can sometimes take 2 weeks. Monday will be a week, we are hoping that she's better by then.

Here are some pics of her arm and stomach. Her legs look so much better. She also has a spot on her ear. If you look hard enough its that pinker spot midway down.
you can click on the belly pic to see the spots

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