Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6 month appt.

Abbie had her shots today. Poor baby. She weighs 19.5 #'s is 27 1/4 inches tall and i dont recall what her head measured but she was 90% on her head, height and weight. She doesnt like the Dr at all. She cried the whole time, but the other kids love him. She did preety good with the shots. She started crying the second I put her on the table and stopped the sec i picked her up. No more shots till she's 1 yr old, yea.


Ashley Hester said...

One of my friends said they had to take blood at the 6 month appt. Is that true? did they put a straight jacket on her to do it? I am so concerned!

Lisa said...

no, non of mine have had blood drawn at that age. I think at around two y/o.
Did they maybe check for iron? that would be a finger stick and a thin straw like tube.
I don't think that is the "norm". Is she on WIC? maybe they required some labs?? I dont know.
If it comes up to them wanting to draw blood at lilys next appt, ask why?? if there is no real reason for it and it's just a screening thing you can always say no, or say maybe at her next appt.
THe most invasive things done to my kids at this age and stage of life was immunizations (cept Code, but he had a kidney problem so he required testing and things)

Ashley Hester said...

Ok thank you! I was worried!

Anonymous said...

My poor baby.. Auntie Titi is here