Monday, June 25, 2007

A date........ kinda

Tomorrow we are going up to Bens Brothers house. they offered to watch the kids while Ben an i go to dinner. Well that wont fly with Abigail and Matthew would be very iffy. So me, ben, mathew and Abbie are going to dinner. If Thomas was here he could watch Abbie at there house and all would be good but he's in Springdale on a mission trip building handicap ramps till Fri. So we'll take what we can get.


Ashley Hester said...

Well..good enough I guess... LOL

Hopefully soon you will get a real break! (I would offer to watch them all but I'm a little scared Matthew might find a knife..LOL)

Lisa said...

LOL, scary part is thats true.

believe it or not we only took Abbie with us and it was amazing not to have to cut up food, tell kids to sit down, take kids to the bathroom. When we got back to his brothers house we were told that NOT ONE of our kids asked for us, LOL

Ashley Hester said...

I'm so glad!!!! Now we need to figure you out some sleep!!!!

Does Matthew sleep at night? Is it the naughty little abigail keeping you up :0)? Or can you just not sleep?

Lisa said...

I just dont sleep :o(. Abbie is doing really well with sleeping. Actually I think at this age she is much better than any of the other kids were.

Ashley Hester said...

aw! Honey! you need your sleep!