Saturday, June 02, 2007

Emily's 7th Birthday!!

Here is the cake her mom made, Yummy!!

Emily's gifts

Emmie and Kaitie

Ben teaching the kids how to play pool

(Ben and I played a game of pool and ummm I WON!!!)

One of the gifts that we got her. It looks really cool. It lights up at night

Her mom and dad got her the build a bear for at home and it was a HUGE hit!!!!

Here's Abigail, looking cute as always!

I cant believe our God Daughter is 7. Thats crazy. Wanna here a funny story. Lani and Anna didnt let anyone know they went into labor and called Betty and Bill after they had Emily. Well, I get a call from Bens brother saying they had had the baby. So i hurry across the street to Bettys and Bills and i ask Where are they???????? THEY LEFT, without ME to go see the baby!!!!!!! WHAT!!, I go everywhere with them, lol. How could they forget me. I was floored. I had to wait untill the next day and we ALL went to the hospital. They forgot me, how??????? :o) I love them and I miss them so much.

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Ashley Hester said...

It looks like yall had a blast!!! Abigail is getting sooo big! She still looks just like Ben though!