Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cody's field trip

The kindergarten classes at Codys school went to the Police Dept, Fire Dept and to the childrens library. After that they went to a very big park. I decided to skip the rest of the field trip because Matthew wasn't going to make it the whole way. The first part of the feild trip was all walking. We walked from the school to all these places and then after the library the kids hopped on a bus and off they went to the park. I decided to take the kids to the grocery store and get some grapes and then head over to the local park. they had a blast and then we walked all the way back to the school. I swear it was all up hill and pushing 70#'s of kids didnt help. lol. I'll post pics of the two youngest at the park, but the ones of the field trip i'll have to edit the other school kids out because i don't have anyones permission to show their children on the internet.

Matthew holding on for dear life.

Kitty Kat swinging like a monkey

Kaitlen sitting with the girls at the FD

Cody with his class in orange shirts

The class and Kaitlen next to the fire truck.

At the PD in the court room

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