Monday, May 22, 2006

Our Mothers Day weekend

That Saturday afternoon we headed out to go to Mountain Veiw. Along the roadside about an hour or so into the trip we saw where these ladies had made flower arrangments that go on top of the headstones which was perfect because we needed to get a new one for Betty. The ones at Walmart are so tiny. So we stopped and picked out a very pretty one. We got to the hotel at about 7 and I have that little kitten im raising with us and right on the office window it says No Cats. When we went into and left the room we would tuck her in the middle of Thomas' clothes so no one could hear her meow and when i fed her i ran the water so noone could here her. She was only 3 weeks old and lived in her inccubator so not that she was go to stir up any allergies. we went out to dinner and then I got to take my bath with the bath salts that Cody had given me for Mothers Day from school. After my bath Ben and the kids gave me my flowers and cards with there signatures on them :o) the next day on Mothers Day we ate at the only place open, the same place we had dinner. they had a pretty good breakfast buffet. After that we headed out to the cemetary. Ben told kaitlen we were going to the cemetary to see Nana. She got all excited jumping up and down, where going to see nana. This trip was the first time we've gone without other family members with us. We put the flowers on the headstone and spent a little time there. When we left Kaitlen said bye Nana. I was ahead of Ben and he started throwing up and dry heaving on the way back to the car. He tried to blame it on breakfast but we all ate the same stuff. What do you say to your husband who is not only emotional upset but physical sick from the loss of his mother?....... nothing.

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