Monday, August 21, 2006

1st day of school

Today Thomas started HS and Cody went into the 1st grade. I dropped Cody off first and almost made Thomas late for his first day. The school changed there routine and we did alot of walking to get to to class and then I had to walk all the way back to the car. Im not so sure if was the length of the walk or the slow pokes I was stuck walking behind, with noway around. If a pg woman is on your tale while walking you are going to slow. When i went to pick them up from school i stopped off and picked up a cake. I wasn't racing the clock this time i was racing the storm and the storm won. M was asleep and i was holding him while getting the cake and we picked out stuff to do the writing on it and by the time we were checking out it was pouring so hard outside. i put the cake on a bench and run the kids to the car and go back and grab the cake and head back to the car and somehow it was raining even harder. I was soaked but the kids were only a little damp. so while waiting for Cody to get out i write Happy 1st day of School '06. The wind was blowing so hard it would rock our car. I'd like to blame the messy writing on the cake from that, but i can't. I havent uploaded that pic, but i will later.
Heres the cake....

Both kids enjoyed there first day of school!!!