Sunday, August 20, 2006

Vacation Destination

We are getting a jump start on planning our vacations. Cody complained that none of our vacations this yr left the state of Ar. Never mind the fact that we crawled all over the state of Ar. We have blamed not going anywhere far on Miss Abigail. Ben needs to save his time for when she's born. So, next yr, Spring Break, we are heading to California were we will be hitting Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, HB (shop, shop, shop) then on up to Santa Barbara and Solvang. Im sure we will also squeeze Nipomo in there for a Jocko's steak. After that on to Vegas to see my mom and the kids really like the Madalay Bay Shark Reef. Then in the summer Ben wanted to do a cruise but Cody says that they are dangerous, they sink. Even proved it to us because there was a movie made based on a true story. You know which one Im talking about... Titanic... boy what am i going to do with him. So we are going to The Nickelodeon Hotel!!!!! Which everyone agreed looks really cool. A bit of wisdom, DO NOT mention to your kids what you plan for vacation unless you want to here "is it time to go yet" about 3 times a day untill destination day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o)


Anonymous said...

What about Astoria??

Lisa said...

IT's a 30 hr drive to Astoria!!!!!!!!!!! 5 kids and 30 hours, I'd go looney. Maybe we should meet in Vegas.