Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Trying to convince Ben

To get me this camera!!! It's the Nikon D70 and i'm sure it'll be the end of my camera shopping. I have had 4 cameras in 9 yrs. None of them as nice as this one. I really wouldnt need another one after this one and if you add up the cost of all my other cameras it would buy this one. ( i should tell him that, huh!!) wish me luck on my birthday present quest.


Anonymous said...

Come on Ben, just get it for her!!
~~~ Tina

ANNA said...

tell Ben ,that will be you're birthday ,thanksgiving ,holloween and Chritsmas present.... you'll end up with a Chritsmas gift anyway,(that always works)

Lisa said...

hmmm, how about my gift for giving birth to his 5th child???? :o)