Sunday, August 13, 2006

New carpet

We had new carpet put in the den, I know it looks white here but trust me it's not. I guess it's a very pale beige with speckeled grey??? carpet fibers. It looked darker at the store, but i like it anyway. For those who have been in my house you might remember the built in cabinets and shelves on either side of the fire place. We took them out. I took down the shelves and Ben tore out the cabinets. He complained the whole time thinking for sure that i was getting him into something that we couldnt fix. It all turned out great and now we have 2 extra feet of usable space!!!!!!!! we put the L shape sofa in the garage untill we can get it re-apolstered and are using the furniture from the livingroom. and that paneling you ask??? we are going to put natural wood running horizonal to cover the paneling. It will make the room so much lighter. it has really been like living in a den, just so dark. speaking of dark we will be updating the light fixtures i just dont know to what yet. It would be nice if this happened before Abigail arrived but i dont think it will. you might notice that there are NO TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!. i am turning the living room into a play room for the kids. We are short on bedrooms so there is no room in the rooms for toys ect. I tore up the carpet in the living room (which is what started this whole revamping of the house) there are hard wood floors and ben has been working on those during his free time and hopfully they will be done by this weekend. Then the kitchen. we were supose to get laminate put in on Wed but i guess are floor isnt level enough for laminate and the tongue and groove atttachment would eventually break so we are going with linolium that is padded and looks like wood. so that'll be good, easy to clean, kid friendly and a 10 yr warranty. Now later, later. my plan is to sand the cabinets in the kitchen to make them lighter and i dont like the "shade" to them they are kinda yellowy, i believe someone referrred to it as butterscotch. im so yellowed out. so i'll make sure a clear coat is put back on after the sanding. Ben is pretty sick of sanding and i think it would be worth hiring someone, we'll see. I hate to part with money when i know we could do it. I'll share pics of the livingroom when it's done. Geez, this got longer than i intented.


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Now i wont feel bad with William all over the carpet. It was so gross before. I cant wait to see the living room too. :o)