Friday, August 10, 2007

Thomas' room

Its not completely done, but its done for now.

He wants to be a firefighter as a career. He'll take his EMT classes when he graduates HS and then test for Firefighter when he's 21. So i went with a fire/ firefighter theme, because im a theme-y person. So the brick wall (which is not done, needs 3 more rows at the bottom) is supose to be the outside of a building and the flame curtains are a "fire" and im going to put gray smoke above the window to the ceiling when i feel crafty enough to do it. so it'll be a place on fire. Since his bed is a queen and his room is small i had to take his closet door off (though i may switch cody/matthews bed which is a full with Thomas' queen (Thomas' bed is Betty and Bills original bed- Bens parents)and maybe there will be more room in his room). im going to make a pretty cool curtain, i just need to find the time.
The rest of the walls are for thomas' to put up what he wants.


Ashley Hester said...

that looks awesome!!!

Ashley Hester said...

You can always put a curtain on the closet door matchinig the curtain for the window.

Lisa said...

I got that piece of fabric from ebay, i was lucky it was just enough for that window. i could be patient and see if more comes up on there. I actually have looked again. I need to do that.

MamaBear of The Potter Place said...

Well, how creative is that?? Even though he may never admit it, I'll bet it means a whole lot to him that you've put so much time and thought into his room.