Thursday, August 16, 2007


kaitlen has gone 2 nights with no diaper and no wetting. Several nights i was forgetting to put one on her and waking up at 5 realizing it and then putting it on her. When i completely forgot and she didnt wet i figured she was peeing in her diaper after she woke up. so now to work on Matthew who was pretty much potty trained when i went to my moms but when i got back freaks out now if he doesnt have a diaper on. Im VERY sure Ben put him back in diapers :o/ while i was gone. Im sure me leaving him for a week didnt help. It will be so nice to only change diapers on one baby.


Ashley Hester said...

That will be nice! :) Only one baby to change that is.... I was a bed wetter until I was 10...with only a couple mishaps from then til Now...EEEEK!

Lisa said...

I wet till i was 9 so i thought I'd have a while to go with Kaitlen. I now have the bladder of steel, LOL. I can hold it forever.