Thursday, August 23, 2007

my computer

Something is wrong with my computer. Its like it wiped its slate clean and started over. There is something wrong with my C drive. We are taking it in tomorrow first thing. As of right now i h
ave lost 3 yrs of pictures. except for what i have on blogger and photobucket some on ofoto and if any of my friends and family havent deleted from there computer. I have nothing in my email. I would have lots of pics if i had something in my sent file. I dont know why i dont have any emails left. Cross your fingers that my photos can be retrieved. Our computer crashed about 4 yrs ago and this is different. Because im on my computer right now. When the hard drive went out i couldnt even turn my computer on. I dont have disks because our computer doesnt have a burner. im so sad.
update- we took the dinosaur to best buy and talked to the Geek Squad. Umm, yea for geeks!!!! he believes he can retrieve all my photos and put them on a dvd. It should be done in about 4 days. He recommends that we dont continue to use that computer, LOL. i guess we used it till the very end. it's 5 3/4 yrs old. Ancient for computers. So now we are computer shopping. The guy had some really good ideas to get more bang for our buck, but he doesnt sell computers so someone else will have to help us. i hate computer shopping.


MamaBear at Potter Place said...

Oh, thank you for posting the good news update at the end. I was seriously about to start crying for you. Four years worth of pics is PRICELESS. I'm doing a backup TOMORROW lest the computer gremlins come after my machine.

Good luck with the shopping. Those Geek Squad guys have never steered me wrong. I'll be eager to see what you get!!

Lisa said...

I was totally crying when i called ben to tell him. I started crying more when he told mee what pics he had in his emails because it made me realize what pics we didnt have. I really really hope they get them off my hard drive. i went on my ofoto to see what i had on there and i have fron 7/04 to 1/06 on there. so that is very good. I wish i never stopped uploading to them. i stopped when i down loaded picasa because it was so much faster. so im missing 1 1/2 yrs, but thats still SO MUCH. Thats all of Abbie :o( poor child.
I will def update on our new computer. I *think* we are going shopping on tuesday. Boy am i glad Thomas has a computer, LOL
though i miss checking my emails, i know there is a way i can check on line but forgot how.

Ashley Hester said...

I am so happy they were able to retrieve them!!!

Hows shopping going??


Lisa said...

i stopped looking on line because i know so little and its frustrating. so i think i'll wait to ask the guy that the geek squad recommended. I hope we go on Tues to get a new computer. It has to be on Bens day off.