Thursday, June 11, 2009

OshKosh B'gosh

Today I was folding clothes and when I got to a pair of Cody's jeans I was kinda bummed because the pants still fit him good, but one of the knees was ripped/worn pretty good. We bought them back in August, but has really only worn them during winter. So I ended up wondering if Oshkosh replaces jeans that wear out before your kids out grow them. (I know Sears does that, i think they are still doing that. It's with a certain brand at Sears) But my kids always outgrow before out wearing their jeans, except this time. I looked on their site and couldn't find anything so I emailed Oshkosh asking and they emailed me back :).

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for contacting OshKosh B'gosh. We don't have a policy for returning garments that are worn out before your child has outgrown them. However, if you would like, I will be happy to replace them in the same size for you. Please reply with your mailing address & I will send you a postage paid envelope to return the jeans to us in. Once I receive the jeans from you, I will mail the replacments to you. Thank you.

Consumer Affairs

I thought that was super kind of them because they don't have a policy for replacing clothing, but they are going to anyway. There are only a couple of clothing brands you can not go wrong with and Oshkosh b'gosh is one of them. (Carter's bought OshKosh, Carter's is also a great brand)



mummyof5monsters said...

thats so cool!

Tina said...

Shut up! That is so awesome.

Krimmyk said...

WOW! If we had those around, I would buy them in a heartbeat!