Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spotlight Sunday

My Spotlight Sunday was intended for blogs, websites that I have come across that I really like. Last week you remember I spotlighted Enchanted Dandelions, because I love what she does and what she is all about. She has obviously put a lot of time and effort into making her business and bringing it to wear it is today. WELL, I am Spotlighting someone who flippin stole April's (enchanted Dandelions) pictures from her Etsy site and posted them as her OWN!!
It is Chic to Cheek and she is on Facebook
Remember that ladybug diaper cake from my blog from last week??? Yeah, she claimed it as her own and Not Aprils. And you'll recognize the other diaper cakes as Aprils from her Etsy shop.

This is another site of the thief.

What little Miss thief doesn't realize is she just completely ended her little online 'career' because other blogs can make you or break you and with what she just did she will be black balled. She has other pics on her site of craftiness she claims as hers and I bet it is not. It's very creepy to think there are people like that out their and I'm sorry this happened to April for us to see it. April has filed a Notice of Intellectual Property Infringement via Facebook, so hopefully Facebook will step in too.
Sunday Spotlight:
Yea April, boo stupid thief.


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