Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just a swingin'

Little Miss Abigail loves her swing and I blame Ben...LOL... When she was like a week or two he held her between his two hands under her armpits and swung her to and fro untill she fell asleep. So we went and got her a cheap swing, she's our last so we're just waisting money anyway so get the cheapest. WEELLLLL, she loves her swing. She uses it several times aday. SHe is to big for her swing. So what do we have to do??? Get a bigger swing, one that goes up to 30#'s. Here it is. We should get it in a couple days. All of our kids had swings and she's the only one to like it. Thomas had my neices hand me down. Cody had his cousins hand me down. Kaitlen had a travel size one so cody couldnt accidently knock it over. Matthew used Kaitlens and when he was done with it we gave it to the church. It's funny because we had to borrow it to take with us to Vegas so A could have a swing to swing in. Oh, SHe's to big for that one too. What a moose. (a sweet moose)


Ashley Hester said...

Well When abigail outgrows this swing (which will probably be soon :0) since shes a nice BF baby) I would be interested in buying it from you, since you did spend $85 on it!!


Ashley Hester said...

Now we need a pic of her in the swing when you get it!! :0)

Lisa said...

Nice to know Lily is a swinger to. It's weird becauese none of my others like it. Abigail has been different since the pg, so why not now too.
i will get a pic soon :o)

Ashley Hester said...

Yes, Lily loves her swing!!! Its nice to have a bigger one so they can swing longer. (you should tell ben when she outgrows this one that he has to swing her! Since he's the one that got all this started! LOL)