Sunday, May 13, 2007


This is my sisters dog Tank. He is 10 y/o and his age caught up with a while ago, but now there is no stopping it. They are going to take him to the vet tomorrow to have him put down. :o( He is deaf and has been for a while. He falls alot and is peeing blood with clots and blood in his poops. He is a great dog. I havent seen him in yrs but when we all lived in Ca and you walked in you'd have to give him a hug or he'd follow you around untill you did. He acted human. He could say "I love You" I am so not kidding. It was amazing, I hear him over the phone. Just the other night he was 'talking'. I feel so bad for them. To the kids Tank has always been there, as far back as they can remember.
I have a picture of Tank playing with our dog PJ who is 10 yrs old too. I'll look for it sometime this week. We took PJ over for a playdate, LOL.
Tina, Brian, Brandon and Alex, Im sorry about Tankers

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Anonymous said...

I love him... Tina