Thursday, May 03, 2007

oh Abbie

Tonight we were going out to dinner but we were ahead of schedule so we stopped off at Build a Bear and Code, K, Matthew and Abbie picked out their stuffed animals. Well Ben picked Abbies. C got a snow leopard, K got Shrek, M after MUCH thought got a white dog (he named doggy) ben got Abigail a bunny with long ears that she likes to suck, yummmm. So we get to dinner and Kaitlen gives A a drink of her tea through her straw and would you belive she sucked it up through the straw twice!! She can also sit up for a fair amount of time and correct her balance. Boy, she's growing up too fast. The straw thing just gets me. oh, one of her top teeth should be in soon. What the heck?! a 5 month old should not have 3 teeth, yikes.

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Ashley Hester said...

aww teeth!! I can't wait for Lily to get to taste new things!!